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 Teacher professionalism

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Professionalism is, of course, a loose concept, but not so much that, by stretching it, you get a lot of semantic gaps. Some argue like this: a teacher is rude and rude to colleagues, humiliates them, treats them arrogantly, emphasizing his superiority, this is, of course, bad, but he knows his subject so well, knows how to explain it intelligibly, so let's not find fault with him, let teaches children if he is so good at it. I don't think it's about professionalism at all. More precisely, this option has a place to be, but only on the condition that these very shortcomings of the teacher are compensated by something else. A teacher cannot be immoral, and no material merit can justify him. The professionalism of a teacher is assessed when one can see his involvement in the life of his students. Whether he helps them in writing papers using the online paper editing service
online paper editing service or not. This is very important because the development of the teacher will show the development of his students.

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